Christian Baumgartner at Lishuis, China

Christian Baumgartner at a conference in China


Christian is in China again. On the basis of a very short notice invitation to Lishui, I am allowed to give a lecture in the context of a conference on sustainable development Lishui.

Cover about the Status Quo of global tourism

Iranian PHD students in Krems


IMC Krems always has interesting guests. Through the initiated cooperation with the University of Tehran a group of Iranian PHD students could come to Austria. Christian taught - exactly - sustainability and tourism.

Plakat zPoster for the round table in the German Bundestagum runden Tisch im deutschen Bundestag

Expert discussion in the German Bundestag

27. 9. 2019

Christian is pleased to be able to participate in discussions on the German Tourism Strategy. An expert discussion in the German Bundestag at the invitation of the Green Party of Germany.


Group of students in front of the IMC Krems

Double function in Iran

15. 9. 2019

Christian in double function in Iran. In the context of a symposium on sustainable ecotourism in Tehran, he represents IMC Krems and gives a lecture on quality in teaching.

On the other hand, he has his usual role as a tourism expert and gives a keynote speech on sustainable ecotourism examples from the Alps and Carpathians.

Summer School 'Sustainable Leadership'

Juli 2019

Summer School ‚Sustainable Leadership‘ for the HTW Chur at Bifröst University in Iceland. Great time in this beautiful country with a group of very engaged students.


Workshop in the National Park Neusiedleersee

17.7. 2019

Moderation of a Slovak-Austrian workshop in the National Park Neusiedleersee to prepare the preparation of nature tourism offers. Within the INTERREG project 'NatureTourNet'.