Interdisciplinarity and cooperation of different sectors is one of the key factors for success.

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CIPRA International

Since its foundation in 1952, CIPRA has brought together people and organisations that promote sustainable development in the Alps, irrespective of language, cultural, geographical and political borders. Its membership comprises more than 100 associations, organisations and individuals. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the Executive Committee of CIPRA International, which has its seat in Liechtenstein.

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Futouris is an organisation of travel agencies and tourism enterprises that support projects designed to promote sustainable tourism. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee which he is representing on the Executive Board.

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TourCert, the non-profit organisation for certification in tourism, awards the CSR-Seal to tourism enterprises. The organisation was set up in 2009 by four non-profit organisations. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the certification council.


Forum anders Reisen

The forum anders reisen e.V. is an association of travel agencies that are committed to sustainable tourism. The forum was set up in 1998, and currently boasts about 130 members. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the Forum’s advisory committee.

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Routes of Reformation (RoR)

Since 2019, RoR has been a European cultural route that has emerged from the ECRR project. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the board.

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Danube Competence Centre (DCC)

The Danube Competence Centre was set up in 2009 with major support from GIZ, the German Society for International Cooperation. Under the leadership of Christian Baumgartner, Naturefriends International laid one of the cornerstones of the DCC, by organising a Landscape of the Year under the heading of ‚The Danube Delta‘. The DCC is a multi-stakeholder organisation tasked with developing sustainable tourism in the Danube area. Christian Baumgartner is a member of the Executive Committee.

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As part of the Marrakech Process, UNEP set out a 10-year-programme for diverse sectors, inter alia for sustainable tourism. Christian Baumgartner was for Naturefriends International a member of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) of the UNEP 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme.

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Protestant Acedemy Vienna

Christian Baumgartner is member of the scientific advisory board of the Protestant Academy Vienna.

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ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)

During his time as manager of respect, Christian Baumgartner upgraded the Austrian branch of ECPAT – the global network dedicated to protecting children – together with the current manager Astrid Winkler, and, in 2003, he assisted in getting it established as an association in its own right.
response & ability is member of ECPAT Austria.