Teaching & Training

response & ability has created innovative educational materials on the future of tourism together with the Helga Mayr from the University College of Teacher Education Tyrol and is making them freely available in German and English at https://www.responseandability.com/futurebox/.

Education and Training is the starting point for development processes and sustainability in tourism.

Since 2004


since 2016

Summer School 'Sustainable Leadership', Iceland

Since 2016 Christian Baumgartner has been teaching at a Summer School at the University of Bifröst in Iceland. Topics such as corporate social responsibility, climate change and sustainable development, such as the STRATAGEM simulation game on the sustainable development of an emerging economy, are developed and discussed with an international group of students.


Simulation Game Stratagem

Stratagem - simulation game for the sustainable development of an emerging nation.

Dennis Meadows, author of ‚Limits of Growth‘, developed the strategic simulation game Stratagem. It is a computerized board game simulating the more or less sustainable development of an emerging nation. Christian Baumgartner offers to groups to moderate the simulation game. Time needed: 6-8 hours.

Download Stratagem-flyer (pdf, 2 MB)


High Atlas / Morocco: From "living school" to holistic life education. Sustainable tourism in local hands.

Funded by EZA Vorarlberg, Christian works with Weltweitwandern Wirkt! on basic tourism training for disadvantaged young people and women in Ait Bougmez in the High Atlas. At the campus vivande, theoretical and practical opportunities for entry into tourism are to be offered.



Studiosus tour guide training

For the German tour operator Studiosus, the focus 'Sustainable Travel' was implemented in the 2019/20 tour guide innovation events.


Danube Guides

In the INTERREG Danube project ‚LENA - Local Economy and Nature Conservation in the Danube Region‘, Christian prepared the module 'Danube Guides' on behalf of the Donaubüro Ulm. In doing so, trainers for sustainable education from all Danube countries were trained and, together with these trainers, courses conducted in six countries. The project will continue through funding from Baden-Württemberg.

Based on a set of common quality criteria they follow a general approach of sustainable development. Danube Guides offer tourist services that combine education for sustainable development with the experience of nature and culture.



Worldwide Guidetraining for Welt-weitwandern

For the Austrian tour operator Weltweitwandern and its partner agencies on all continents, a system of training trainers and guides is being developed and in a trainer course, three regional guide courses (probably in Morocco, Nepal and Montenegro) and several crash-courses implemented.

Particular attention is paid to cross-cultural approaches and the teaching of the special Weltweitwandern philosophy.


Armenia - Georgia

In cooperation with the Boku, Vienna and the IMC Krems as well as partner universities in Yerevan and Tbilisi, the project 'CaucaSust - Transdisciplinarity for Sustainable Tourism Develop-ment' is training Armenian and Georgian university teachers. The partners aim to address real-life challenges of sustainable tourism development in cooperation in the Caucasus region, together with the local population and other Stakeholders.



Sustainability in Tourism Education in Albania

The aim of the project in Albania was to integrate sustainability aspects into the revised curricula of various tourism professions. Directors and teachers from Albanian tourism schools have been targeting workshops to develop and share the new content.


Green Jobs in Green Destinations, Romania

response & ability develops together with CIPRA Schweiz, AER (Association of Ecotourism Romania) and ProPark training courses and -material for ecotourism-destinations in Romania. Aside manager the project will train guides in hiking, mountainbiking, horseback riding, ski touring, kayaking, wildlife watching and nature interpretation.


Development of an e-learning course for sustainable tourism in mountain regions

InRuTou (Innovation in Rural Tourism) aimed at developing and testing a set of e-learning tools for facilitating the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas, specifically in mountainous regions.



Guidelines 'Sustainable Tourism Offers' (German only)

Christian was member of the advisory board, that analysed from 2012 to 2015 together with the university of applied science Luzern (CH) and the destinations Arosa, Scuol Val Müstair, Interlaken, Luzern and Entlebuch how sustainable tourism offers could be developed and marketed.

Further information at www.hslu.ch/nachhaltige-tourismusangebote 



Training course ‘Project development, application and management’ for members of the Danube Competence Centre (DCC) in Belgrade.



Kyrgyzstan – Strengthening social partnership development in vocational education and training

Development of quality management, training curricula for the vocational training of different tourism stakeholder groups. Training of multipliers and trainers, guidance during their first stakeholder training course.

Project financed by EU, GD EuropeAid / Central Asian Development Platform. Project Management by Gustav Stresemann Institute, Germany.



Danube Delta

GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) funded the organisation of a series of training courses designed to improve the quality of sustainable tourism. Target groups were stakeholders and project managers from all the three countries situated in the delta – Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

The project was implemented on behalf of Naturefriends International and the Danube Competence Centre.




Training courses in Sustainable Tourism for representatives of the Egyptian Tourism Authority and other tourism bodies. Within the framework of a EU-funded Austrian-Egyptian twinning project.