Evaluation for a EuropeAid project in Kyrgyzstan


Being in the south of Kyrgyzstan and doing an evaluation of the EU-financed project 'INITIATIVE - INnovative Income Tools and Integrated Approaches To Improve Villagers’ Employment'. It's simply an amazing country.

Visiting a new apple orchard in 1-May-village near the Uzbek boarder. Possible through drip irrigation by hose pipes produced from local plastic waste. Great project!

Article on EcoHimal ' Innovative Income Generation in Kyrgyzstan'

Summer School Iceland on Sustainable Leadership


Back from Summer School Teaching in Iceland (Bifröst university). Great experience again including playing Stratagem (Sustainable development of an emerging country), a hike onto a fresh volcano from 1973 and a visit to an ocean-start-up cluster for sustainable marine production.

Green Job Training / Romania

18.-22.6.2017, Romania

A destination management workshop in Transylvania / RO (together with Urs Wagenseil, FH Luzern) for AER and CIPRA CH brings you quite near to the bears. Not only from the hide, but in the evening also in the garden of our B&B.

'Sustainability and Tourism - 25 years after Rio'

14.-16.6.2017, Wergenstein / CH

On the occasion of Rio+25, HTW Chur and ZAHW Zurich organized a conference on 'Sustainability and Tourism' in Wergenstein / CH. My input at this conference "Squaring the circle or the camel through the bottleneck? Sustainable tourism as a challenging multi-stakeholder approach."

Morocco - Workshop in the desert


A workshop for partner agencies of Weltweitwandern brought participants from 14 countries together to a desert hiking experience combined with intensive discussion units.

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New offer: Stratagem - simulation game for the sustainable development of an emerging nation


Stratagem - simulation game for the sustainable development of an emerging nation.

Dennis Meadows, author of ‚Limits of Growth‘, developed the strategic simulation game Stratagem. It is a computerized board game simulating the more or less sustainable development of an emerging nation. Christian Baumgartner offers to groups to moderate the simulation game.

Time needed: 6-8 hours.

Folder: STRATAGEM (pdf, 2.1 MB)

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