Excursion to Morocco

January 2019

Excursion of the HTW Chur 'Sustainable Tourism & International Development' Major to Morocco. Memorable days including topics like ecotourism for development, national park, argan oil cooperatives, Robinson Club hotel training for disadvantaged young people, cooking classes and much more ... Thanks to GIZ for great support.

Weltweitwandern Academy

December 2018

Weltweitwandern organizes together with Christian as trainer and facilitator the Weltweitwandern Academy with 50 participants from 30 countries. A both intensive but also amazing week for partner agencies and key-guides.

5 days (and nights) of Styrian excursions (Zotter, Gölles, ...) discussing the present and the future, exercises for improving guiding skills - and a lot of cross-cultural fun.

Workshop discussion with the German Bundestag committees


Workshop discussion with the German Bundestag committees for 'Tourism' and 'Economic Cooperation and Development'. Organised by GIZ / BMZ Christian was invited to give the keynote speech on 'Sustainable Tourism in Developing and Emerging Countries'.