LENA - Danube Guides courses in Vukovar / Croatia

September 2018

First two modules of the LENA - Danube Guides courses in Vukovar / Croatia. Including a ride in a solar boat, the visit in the museum of the Vucedom culture (the oldest European Calendar) and a visit in Kopacki Rit Nature Park - including masses of white-tailed eagles and (for the first time for me) a jackal.

Damavand Jubilee symposium


Some days in Teheran / Iran for the Damavand Jubilee symposium, organised by the Austrian Cultural Forum. (The Damavand is the highest peak in Iran, first ascended 175 years ago by Austrian climbers). I had a nice speech about "mountain tourism - from the conquerors yearning to a contribution to the SDG implementation."

Here with me very interesting people: Peter Habeler, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Wolfgang Nairz, Andy Holzer, Kurt Luger, Andreas Schieder and many Naturfriends from Lower Austria.

Summer school teaching "Sustainable Leadership"

July 2018

Just back from Iceland. Third time summer school teaching "Sustainable Leadership" at the Bifröst University. Amazing nature, great students and colleagues. Looking forward to come back ...

Training week for future Danube Guides trainers

April 2018

Training week for future Danube Guides trainers from 6 Danube countries in the national park Danube Floodplanes in Orth / Donau / Austria. We discussed and learnt how to guide people with special needs; how to transform cultural and natural heritage into educational products ... and had lots of fun. In the frame of the INTERREG project LENA.

Sustainability assessment in Jordan

Sustainability assessment of a hiking tour package in Jordan for the local partner agency of Weltweitwandern. Great tour, great country, great people.